We are a travel agency born in the Balearic Islands, Spain. An organized travel alternative, to offer products with the highest quality, organization, and safety..

We have a group of young professionals who base their success on the attitude and commitment to the demands of the market, delivering the best of themselves to get the best travel options combined.

At this moment we are in the full expansion stage, focusing on participating in the Outdoor tourism segment.


We participate in the creation of the "Save the Kawesqar Language" program, created by the Kawesqar People Foundation and Rebel Viajes Extreme.

We are an Official Tour Operator of the "Route of Parks of Patagonia", belonging to the "Tompkins Conservation Foundation".

We are an Official Receptive Agency of the "Visit Natales" node, belonging to the Municipal Corporation of Puerto Natales.


Karla Escobar Córdova

She has a degree in tourism administration, with specialized studies in sports marketing, adventure tourism, fundamentalist of sustainable tourism. Producer of sporting, tourist, and social events. Lover of adrenaline, paradisiacal places, exotic cultures and meet people. "I turned the trip into my life and my life into a trip".

Ricardo Longo

Brazilian with training in Marketing, I've been traveling in Patagonia for more than 4 years, knowing places like Carretera Austral, Fiordos, Magallanes, and Tierra del Fuego, where I have experienced tourism on both sides, as a customer and also as an operator. This has allowed me to offer our clients an integral experience in Patagonia.

Juan Carlos Cerviño

Born in Pontevedra, Spain, he has been working with tourism for more than 20 years. He traveled through 48 countries in 14 years, where apart from exploring the local culture he perfected in what he likes most, tourist services. “I want to continue developing with all my passion and experience for tourism the best service to all those who trust us for a unique vacation that will remain in their memory forever".

Carolina Nalli

Traveling is one of the things I like to do, whether for work or because I want to know new places. Whatever the reason, I love to travel and meet new places and people. Traveling has allowed me to develop in many areas, both personally and professionally. Currently, I work for my clients to have the best experience on their trips and realize their dreams of knowing Patagonia.

Valentina Henriquez

Working on trips is an exciting, vibrant job for me, an incredible way to travel and discover the world. This experience allows me to deliver to our clients some of the most precious secrets of Patagonia.

Gustavo Chellew

Born in Chile in 1986, he lived until he was 19 in the region of Valparaíso. In 2005 he emigrated to Spain where he currently resides, on the Palma de Mallorca Islan. Adventurer, entrepreneur and a young man who has found a passion for travel and who decides to join Rebel Viajes to regain contact with his roots.

Jessica Morin

I was born in France in 1993, and since I was a child I am passionate about horse riding and rugby play. I love nature, sports, and travel. After my History studies, I went backpacking in South America for 9 months and I fell in love with Patagonia. Today, I carry it so strongly in my heart that I want to share it with everyone.

Francisca Del Villar

After several seasons working on conservation projects on the Island of Chiloé, 8 years ago she emigrated to Puerto Natales, where she found in tourism and its landscapes her true passion. Having worked from the beginning as a guide freelancer, she tries to contribute to the personal and group reflection on our intrinsic connection with nature.

Maria Theresia

Born in Innsbruck, Austria, she started working while she was still in school to travel on her summer vacation. After several short trips in Europe and a year of volunteering in Portugal, she went backpacking for 2 months in Argentina and continued traveling since then. Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South and North America.

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