A program with accommodation in the magnificent Sierra Baguales

With our Sierra Baguales program, you can do what you want, when you want. You will have a driver with a vehicle and a bilingual guide available throughout your stay. You will stay in a magnificent place, which is located right between the natural border of Argentina and Chile, just 65 km from Torres del Paine National Park and 134 km from the city of Puerto Natales.

This place is inhabited almost entirely by wild flora and fauna, highlighting the wild horses or “Baguales”. Horses that have lived a large part of their lives alone, with almost no human contact. Sierra Baguales also has an incredible amount of fossils, since more than 60 million years ago this place was the seabed.

Choose your tours with a totally personalized program for you

You can choose between various activities to enjoy this program in Patagonia. This means that the Sierra Baguales program will be totally personalized and adapted to your tastes and at your disposal.

If you prefer to take advantage of a few calmer and more relaxing days, you can spend a day in a typical Patagonian estancia or horseback riding through Sierra Baguales. Or take tours such as the Lake Grey Navigation, Puerto Natales by bicycle and the Full Day Torres del Paine.

Now, if you are adventurous and you like more active days, the Towers Base Trekking and the Sierra Baguales Trekking are perfect excursions for you. Likewise, the Kayak on the Grey Lake or the Ice Walk on the Grey Glacier.


We will help you create a personalized itinerary, according to the excursions that best suit your tastes. The excursions that will be available are:

Puerto Natales by bike: Half day – Low difficulty

We will depart from Sierra Baguales towards the city of Puerto Natales located about 135 kilometers away, where we will cycle the circuit that borders the Última Esperanza fjord to reach the Fishermen’s Wharf, the Four Ethnic Groups Park and other places where we will be able to observe the way life and customs of the local people.

Hike Three Caves: Half day – Low difficulty

The archaeological and cultural importance of the Milodon Cave Natural Monument transcends through the oldest human remains found in the region. During the walk we will visit the Cueva Chica Cave, the Cueva del Medio and the enormous Cueva del Milodón, a giant lazy mammal that inhabited these lands more than ten thousand years ago.

Sierra Dorotea Horseback Riding: Half day – Medium difficulty

We will go to Puerto Natales to make the ride accompanied by a “vaqueano” Gaucho from the area and our guide, we will ride to the top of the Sierra Dorotea, where we will have a magnificent view of the cliffs and rock viewpoints whipped by the passage of the wind and sculpted by glaciers.

Trekking Cerro Benítez: Half day – Medium difficulty

Durante esta excursión, intentaremos construir la narrativa y revivir el proceso de poblamiento de la Patagonia, conoceremos los aleros rocosos utilizados antiguamente por tribus que habitaban la región “los Tehuelches”. We will also enjoy the unique views of the Sofía Lagoon and the Sierra del Señoret Valley.

Day of Estancia “Rural tourism”: Full day – Low difficulty

We leave Sierra Baguales to go to know what life is like in the typical ranches of Chilean Patagonia, where the effort and character of the first colonizers of these lands, we will be able to feel and learn from the processes in the shearing sheds and animals of the place for later enjoy a good and typical Patagonian lamb roast on a stick.

Navigation through the Seno de Última Esperanza: Full day – Low difficulty

This excursion consists of a navigation that reproduces what the expert Spanish pilot Juan Ladrilleros did in 1557, when with the last hope of finding the Strait of Magellan, he found the glaciers of Mount Balmaceda.

Setting sail from Puerto Natales, we will sail for 3 hours along the Seno de Última Esperanza towards Mount Balmaceda, located within the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, the largest in our country. We will arrive at the port in the national park and we will take a short walk to get closer to the Serrano Glacier. Upon return we will enjoy a good lunch and then visit the city of Puerto Natales with a 1-hour walk.

Grey Lake Navigation: Full day – Low difficulty

We will leave in the direction of the Torres del Paine National Park through the Amarga Lagoon access to continue towards Grey Lake where we will make a three-hour navigation to the Grey Glacier. We will be able to enjoy an incomparable landscape made up of floating icebergs, exuberant vegetation and imposing mountains. You will be able to appreciate from a very short distance all the beauty and magnitude of the ice walls of more than 20 meters that the glacier offers as a spectacle.

Azul Lagoon: Full day – Low difficulty

Photographic safari through Torres del Paine, we concentrate our trip on the east side of the park, where most of the animals are found. We start with Azul Lagoon, a place visited by the first tourist expedition in the area, which is also one of the best places to see the Towers.

We will continue until we reach the Paine Waterfall. Later, after a 3-hour walk, we will have contact with the guanacos of the entire pampa and visit a rocky refuge where there are some remains of indigenous cave paintings.

Torres del Paine National Park: Full day – Low difficulty

The perfect tour to have a general and complete vision of the Torres del Paine National Park. We will visit Torres del Paine from one end to the other.

We will enjoy the different viewpoints such as Amarga Lagoon and Lake Nordenskjoldt. In addition, we will take short walks where we will visit the Salto Grande, Cuernos Viewpoint and Los Hielos Viewpoint on the Grey beach. Lunch and tickets included.

Hiking Towers Base: Full day – High difficulty

This is by far the most frequented stretch of Torres del Paine National Park. Formed from granite that crystallized from magma, the famous Torre D’Agostini, Torre Central and Torre Monzino enchant their visitors with their unique beauty.

Our tour begins when we go to the Torres de Paine National Park to begin this demanding excursion worthy of all the fame it holds. Throughout the tour we will appreciate the beauty of the flora and fauna of the park. With a total of 20 km, the first part of the walk is through the Ascencio Valley arriving at El Chileno camp.

We continue going into a lenga forest opening the way until the last ascent of 45 min to admire the Torres del Paine. The return begins along the same path and then continues towards our refuge in Sierra Baguales.

Trekking Sierra Baguales: Full day – Low difficulty

After a good breakfast we will do a short half-hour trek to visit Irene Lagoon, a place to observe and photograph surrounding birds. We will talk about the process of colonization of Patagonia, history of the first human occupations of the place, customs and social importance of the place for the first inhabitants.

Then we will board our vehicle to go to where we will start the trekking that will cover an approximate distance of 13 km. We will take a path of medium inclination, with a view of the Bagual mountain range, an area where pumas, guanacos and Baguales horses live. After a little more than 3 hours of walking, we will find marine fossils, which are more than 50 million years old. After a little more than 3 hours of walking, we will find marine fossils, which are more than 50 million years old.

The excursion continues to a viewpoint located 1,200 meters above sea level, from where it is possible to have a panoramic view of the entire sector. Here we will have time to enjoy our box lunch, and then start our way back to the ranch, and then board our vehicle that will take us back.

French Valley Hiking (Only between November 1 and March 15): Full Day – Medium difficulty

We headed to Torres del Paine National Park to embark in Puerto Pudeto. After approximately 30 minutes of navigation on Lake Pehoe we will arrive at Paine Grande. Once there we will begin our walk to the French Valley, bordering Lake Skottsberg to the Italian campsite. The ascent to the viewpoint is sheltered by the El Francés, Paine Grande and Los Cuernos glaciers, imposing rock formations.

Kayak between icebergs of the Grey Glacier: Full day – Medium difficulty

We will take the road west to the Torres del Paine National Park, where we will enjoy the magnificent views of the Patagonian lakes and the Paine Horns.

Upon our arrival at Lake Grey to board the Catamaran heading to the base camp where the activity will begin. Specialized guides will give a technical talk on the use and safety of the kayak and then paddle between the icebergs and the glacier. After doing the activity, we board the catamaran again to return to Sierra Baguales.

Caminata en hielo: Día completo – Dificultad alta

We will take the road west to the Torres del Paine National Park, where we will enjoy the magnificent views of the Patagonian lakes and the Paine Horns. Upon our arrival at Lake Grey to board the Catamaran heading to the base camp where the activity will begin.

We will walk on the Grey Glacier which will allow us to carry out an adventure on the ancient ice of the Southern Ice Field. Specialized guides will give a technical talk, equipment recognition and will protect us in this adventure.


– Driver and vehicle available from arrival at the airport
Bilingual guide (Spanish and English)
Accommodation in a room with private bathroom
– Breakfast
– Lunch
– Snacks
– Dinner
Selection of Chilean wines, house spirits, drinks and juices
Use of the facilities and services of the estancia
Tours to choose
Not included
Flights to/from Puerto Natales or Punta Arenas
Travel accident insurance or others
Laundry service
Services not mentioned in the program


What to take to Patagonia?

Waterproof mountain shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, hat for the sun, hat and gloves for the cold, short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts, fleece-type warm clothing and waterproof jacket and pants.


Check the contracting terms of the Sierra Baguales program.


Sierra Baguales



From Puerto Natales or Punta Arenas Airport
4 days / 3 nights or 5 days / 4 nights
Start 02:00 p.m. (first day) – End 11:00 a.m. (last day)

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