Sierra Baguales

Meet our exclusive destination, located in the middle of the mountain range between the border of Argentina and Chile, 65 km from Torres del Paine Park and 134 km from Puerto Natales.

Where is it located?

The Andes, between Chile and Argentina

Sierra Baguales or Sierra de los Baguales is a mountain range that is located in the extreme south of the Andes, a mountain chain in an east-west direction of about 60 kilometers, secondary to the main chain of the Andes mountain range that is located more towards to west. It stretches along the border between Chile and Argentina, near the towns of Puerto Natales and Río Turbio. In its Chilean section, it separates the basins of the De las Chinas and Baguales rivers.

In Chilean and Argentine Patagonia, Bagual is the name given to the equine animal that has become a wild animal or feral, that is, it has become wild avoiding human presence. These are specimens of domestic origin that have become free due to an eventuality, or animals generated in the wild. The latter is the case of most of the herds of Patagonian Baguales, which have a historical origin with abundant documentary records since the 18th century.

Generally, the Baguales inhabit little frequented plains, steep mountains or impenetrable forests. With the intention of supporting conservation initiatives, we work with Estancia 3R, which aims to preserve this breed in its Baguales Horse Sanctuary program.

Wild Horses

Preservation of the breed in the Baguales Horse Sanctuary


Fossils of plants, mammals and Nothofagus

The Sierra Baguales mountain range contains a series of depressions formed by glacial erosion. Many of these depressions developed in the Pleistocene period, from isolated glaciers that existed separately from ice caps further west.

The Sierra Baguales rocks belong to several formations of the Magallanes Basin. These rocks contain fossils of marine plants, mammals and invertebrates, as well as fossils of Nothofagus.

Currently, Rebel Viajes is operating with local providers with the same quality standards in Sierra Baguales, carrying out activities in a private format. We try to conserve the ecosystem of the place, harmoniously balancing the protection of nature with the economic development of its communities through tourism as a consequence of conservation.

Rebel Viajes Exclusive Experience

Guides and private vehicles in all our programs

Our experiences

Learn about the haunting beauty of this isolated volcanic mountain range. Inhabited almost entirely by wild flora and fauna, among them the wild horses or “Baguales”. We will visit routes, activities and places where the tradition of the countryside is still lived and you can feel completely immersed in Patagonia.




Away from the major tourist attractions in the heart of the Sierra Baguales, you can find in our programs various accommodation options in the area, essentially oriented to ranch life and its customs.

You can find an exclusive mountain refuge for groups, hotel and lodge with various tourist attractions.

Would you like to visit Sierra Baguales?

A destination with trekking routes and private horseback riding in a place with more than 50 million years of history.
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