14 years of experience in tourism, these years have not passed in vain, we have certainly learned that there are many drawbacks to finding available places for the mythical Classic and Express W circuits with accommodation in shelters and camping, available on the duly marked Trekking route  inside the Torres del Paine National Park and which also includes part of the O circuit.

If you have ever had the intention of doing one of these popular circuits, you will know very well that if you do not usually plan it well in advance, booking can become an impossible mission. Each time the already requested and limited quotas seem to be unable to cope.

The passage of the pandemic managed to curb this fever for almost two summers, however at the moment that Chile decided to relax its restrictive measures to face the epidemic, international demand was reactivated again to the point of once again scarce the quotas for this season 22-23.

If you want more information about the 5-day Classic W and 4-day Express W circuits, we also share the link to our article on everything you need to know about the W Circuit See Article.

We have extensive local knowledge, extensive experience and a group of associated professionals. That have allowed us to specialize in the design, implementation and logistics of tourist programs. For this reason we have designed some alternatives to alleviate the significant demand.

This is how the concept of Smart W was born, a way of living the same experience when visiting the three mythical valleys that give its name to the famous W-shaped circuit.

Ascencio Valley, is the beginning of the most popular of all by far, towers base trekking known by many visitors who challenge their resistance in the day trip modality.

The second place would come the increasingly well-known French Valley, which this season we are offering again in a Full Day format for those who do not have a lot of time and want to trek along the route that takes you to the heart of Paine.

Finally, if you decide to follow the path in this same order, you would still have to visit the Grey Valley, which bears that name because of the imposing glacier that accompanies you during your visit to this valley.

From the Grey refuge you can board the Navigation Grey Glacier that allows you to photograph this incredible glacier up close. And enjoy a toast with ancient ice on the boat.

We have worked so that you do not have to postpone this trip due to lack of quotas!!
We are the official Tour Operator of the “Route of Parks of Patagonia” belonging to the “Tompkins Conservation Foundation”. We know what we do!

We make different travel models, adapted to the needs of each passenger, we work on the implementation and collaboration of more exclusive alternatives to the  W circuits, such as the  Smart W Circuit  in Private where we generate intelligent options adapted to each pocket and comforts of those who want to incorporate other experiences into their tour.

These modalities are mostly combinable with the accommodation that you prefer in Puerto Natales (bunk beds, hostel, hotel) sleeping every night in your hotel or an option that allows you to combine living the experience of sleeping one night camping and starting the next walk directly from the Torres del Paine National Park.

The Smart W circuits offer a greater choice of dates available to book

If you want to have the help of a professional, contact our open channel and one of our agents will help you choose the best available option.

Photo by Timothy Dhalleine.

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